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Xilinx Orcad

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 buy Xilinx Orcad schematic symbols

 buy Xilinx Orcad schematic symbols

 buy Xilinx Orcad schematic symbols


 xilinx FPGA spartan 3E orcad schematic symbols

Xilinx Spartan-3 Orcad schematic library Xilinx Spartan3A Orcad schematic library


Schematic symbols on this page all belong to the Xilinx Spartan-3E family. Information on each symbol is available by clicking on 'VIEW'. Presently, all schematic symbols available support Orcad schematic entry design tools.

Part Number - Package $USD PDF Click to Buy
XC3S100E-VQ(G)100 $7 VIEW
XC3S250E-VQ(G)100 $7 VIEW
XC3S100E-TQ(G)144 $7 VIEW
XC3S250E-TQ(G)144 $7 VIEW
XC3S100E-CP(G)132 $7 VIEW
XC3S250E-CP(G)132 $7 VIEW
XC3S500E-CP(G)132 $7 VIEW
XC3S250E-PQ(G)208 $9 VIEW
XC3S500E-PQ(G)208 $9 VIEW
XC3S250E-FT(G)256 $9 VIEW
XC3S500E-FT(G)256 $9 VIEW
XC3S1200E-FT(G)256 $9 VIEW
XC3S500E-FG(G)320 $9 VIEW
XC3S1200E-FG(G)320 $9 VIEW
XC3S1600E-FG(G)320 $9 VIEW
XC3S1200E-FG(G)400 $14 VIEW
XC3S1600E-FG(G)400 $14 VIEW
XC3S1600E-FG(G)484 $14 VIEW
Spartan-3E library+ $49  
all Spartan3/3E/3A/3AN/3DSP* $99 VIEW

+ all parts in the above list of Spartan-3E FPGAs are included.

* all Spartan-3 part families in this library are included.


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 updates on Xilinx Orcad schematic symbols

Apr 8,2010: complete Spartan6-LX schematic library available for only $49.

Sept 6,2010: complete Spartan6-LXT library available!

Oct. 1, 2011: added Kintex-7 symbols to library.